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Indivisibloe RI Rhode Island, OssoffA Message From Indivisible National:
Losing elections sucks, but we didn’t lose tonight. Tonight, a little-known 30-year-old political newbie came within a few points of winning Newt Gingrich’s old congressional district. A couple states away in South Carolina, another political neophyte shifted a district that leans Republican by 9 points away from Trump by 6 points. These are not losses. These are the first droplets of a wave. We’re not there yet, but we’re building toward something big. Tonight, the resistance proved that it’s strong and growing. Tonight, we showed we will win.
Keep in mind what a 5- or 6-point swing against Trump means for the country. It’s HUGE. If we see a nationwide swing of 6 points next year in the 2018 elections, 52 House Republicans will lose. With a wave of that size, Democrats retake the House, stripping Paul Ryan of of his speakership (and maybe even his +5 Republican seat). A wave of that size means we’ll finally have a legislative branch that actually acts as a check on this Administration.
How did such conservative districts swing so far against Trump? The real thanks goes to the local Indivisible groups in Georgia 6th and South Carolina 5th who for MONTHS have been knocking on doors, making calls, registering people to vote, and getting folks to the polls. This is how it is done. This is how we will win.
Nobody said this would be easy. We’re up against enormously powerful forces, cynically focused on dismantling democracy. But we have one thing on our side: the people are with us. The energy is with us. And the movement will be unstoppable.
For months now, you have dared to believe in Indivisible and the movement we’re building together. We’re asking you to continue believing in our work. Together, we are building something historic. Together, we will win.
In solidarity,
Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg
Co-Executive Directors, Indivisible National

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