Something’s missing.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Washington Post HeadlineDid you happen to see one of the headline stories in today’s Washington Post about the reworking of TrumpCare to appease the centrists and moderates?
The headline says it all by what is omitted. What is missing? The Democrats.
Notice that the GOP’s top negotiator pushing to get TrumpCare passed is Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who according to MapLight has been paid over $433,000 by goliath insurance and pharmaceutical companies. He first tried to secretly drag TrumpCare over the finish line before we could say, “Why are you trying to pass a bill that could literally kill tens of millions of us?”
To Trump and Mitch’s chagrin, Senate Democrats, including our Senators Reed and Whitehouse, and a handful of his own) said: ‘Whoa, buster, STOP.”
You can be assured that while we’re enjoying our 4th of July BBQs, the GOP leadership will be pressuring their recalcitrant colleagues to see things THEIR way and vote to pass TrumpCare. For example, they will use various techniques from offering to throw a few billion dollars into opioid addiction programs to win the hearts (but more importantly the votes) of a Susan Collins (R-ME) or a Rob Portman (R-OH).
What’s $2 billion to buy a few needed votes when you can give $600 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% of Americans and at the same time rob $772 billion from Medicaid funding?
Enjoy your long 4th weekend. Be prepared to come back and join our fight against TrumpCare next Wednesday, the 5th.
In the meantime, let these words by chess legend Gary Kasparov sink in:
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