The Gloves Are Off

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Maxine WatersFrom the Raw Story:

“Trump was just so outrageous, so disrespectful, such a bully and dangerous for this country, I decided, ‘You know what? I’m taking the gloves off and I’m going to step out,’” Maxine Waters* told the New York Times in a profile published Saturday.

She continued, “I was going to not only challenge him but encourage others to see him for what he is: basically a bully, an egotistical maniac, a liar and someone who did not need to be president.”


Originally, our battle cry was: Stop the Trump Agenda. Then, it became a tad softer to: Resist the Trump Agenda. However, we should unambiguously state, like Maxine, we’re ready to take the gloves off and “Fight the Trump Agenda”.

  • Fight the erosion of our constitutional rights: a free press, separation of church and state, women’s reproductive rights, etc.
  • Fight the hijacking of our democracy by a foreign power, especially an enemy of state, and then having an administration discrediting our own intelligence agencies in favor of a thug leader and his KGB (FSB) trained operatives.
  • Fight the corruption running rampant to fill the coffers of the Trump Organization in violation of the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution.
  • Fight to rescind the national security clearance of Jared Kushner who concealed meetings with Russians agents, bankers and influence peddlers. Not to mention attempting to set up a covert back-channel to a hostile power (Russia) shrouded from view and out of reach of our intelligence community by housing the proposed operation at a Russian facility.
  • Fight for the truth rather than the outright, unconscionable and, at times, delusional lies coming from a president and his administration.
  • Fight against lethal TrumpCare which is nothing more than GOP welfare for the rich by providing them with a $600 billion tax cut.

Our gloves are off and we’re with you, “Auntie Maxine”, because we know you’re with us.

*Maxine Waters is a feisty 78-year-old US Representative from California.

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