Give it the gas.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Aidan, TrumpcareFrom Kaiser Health News:
“Aidan Long is a 13-year-old from Montana who has suffered multiple daily seizures since he was 4. ‘The seizures defy medical cure, and some of them continue for weeks,’ requiring Aidan to be airlifted to children’s hospitals in Denver or Seattle, said his father, Ben Long. The medical bills to Medicaid and his private insurance have been enormous.
“As Senate Republicans seek to limit the amount Medicaid will spend on poor people’s health, they recognize that one group has complex medical issues warranting protection: severe special needs. But Aidan and several million other children would not meet the Senate’s highly restrictive definition of “blind and disabled”, children whose health coverage would be excluded from the vast [Medicaid] reductions Republicans are pushing.
“At risk, not only are children living in poverty but also kids from working- and middle-class families who have been allowed to enroll in Medicaid because their medical problems are so extensive that most private insurance will not cover it all.
“As the GOP leadership pushes for the Senate measure’s passage, Ben Long [Aidan’s dad] has been trying to rally advisers of Montana’s Democratic governor to raise concern, and he has repeatedly sought to reach Montana’s Republican senator, Steve Daines. He said that after he called, wrote and tweeted the senator, Daines responded with a form letter.

It is anticipated that there will be a vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care act (Obamacare) with disastrous TrumpCare which is a nearly $700 billion tax cut for the rich. With TrumpCare’s Medicaid cuts, it will be devastating, perhaps deadly, to children and the elderly:

  • 76% of all poor children are covered by Medicaid
  • 60% of all children with disabilities are covered by Medicaid
  • 64% of all nursing home residents are covered by Medicaid

From now through next week it is critical that we speak with one, loud, clear message: Vote NO on TrumpCare. Fortunately, we know that Senators Reed and Whitehouse will do everything in their power to stop this bill. Senate Democrats, being the minority party in the Senate, are no match for the Trump-Mitch-Ryan machine.
However, we are.
YOU are.
Despite being a Rhode Islander, you have more power than you think. How? Three things:

  1. When you see our social media campaign with postings like the above containing the “VOTE NO ON TRUMPCARE” logo, it is essential that you share it with your Facebook friends from our FB page. Or that you retweet it to your Twitter followers from our Twitter page. The more times you share the FB postings or retweet our Twitter tweets, the more you can help Aidan and millions of others like him.
  2. Show up at our “TrumpCare is GOP WealthCare” rally tomorrow (Friday) at 1:30PM. Help us to deliver a clear message as VP Mike Pence visits RI: No TrumpCare.
  3. Share this email with everyone on your email list.

We are so proud of our IndivisibleRI participants and Indivisible groups all across the country. Together with the efforts of such groups as and Working Families Party, we represent the heart of America. We are so close to defeating TrumpCare.
Each one of us has to “give it the gas” during these final days before the vote.
Give it the gas for Aidan. Give it the gas for Mira and Olivia who we featured in yesterday’s email. Give it the gas for the tens of millions of Americans who will lose insurance if TrumpCare passes.

Thank you!

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