Boston’s August Blizzard

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Boston Anti Racist Rally Featured Image

With the temperature in the 70’s in Boston last Saturday, over 20,000 of us snowflakes gently filled the Common and surrounding streets. Our only weapon: our voices.
Some called us the anti-protest protestors.
True, we came to drown out the hatred which was spewed by the racist, Neo-Nazi, white supremacists that had so brazenly descended upon the peace-loving residents of Charlottesville, Virginia the week before. To this charming college-town, they brought their guns, their KKK torches, their Nazi slogans, and, of course, their hatred. One also used his car to commit a domestic terrorist attack against peaceful protestors: killing one, mowing down many others.
That was Charlottesville. Innocent and unsuspecting Charlottesville.
This is Boston. In a matter of a few days, Stand Against Racism, BLM and other anti-hate and racial justice organizations were active in getting 20,000 Bostonians and would-be Bostonians from all over Massachusetts and neighboring states. (If others were given a few more days’ notice, guaranteed our numbers would have swollen to ten or twenty times as many other “agitators” who would have eagerly joined the anti-protest protest.)
Trump sent out a tweet about us “agitators”.

For clarification, isIndivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump Boston Rally Tweet everyone who is not a bigot an agitator? If so, we’re not only agitators, we’re Heather Heyer-proud agitators…we’re Boston-proud agitators…we’re Rhode Island-proud agitators…we’re New England-proud agitators…we’re AMERICAN DEMOCRACY-PROUD agitators.

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