Will it end this way?

Keith Olbermann Predicts How The Trump Presidency Will Come to a Sudden End.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Keith OlbermannCiting various sources, Keith Olbermann predicts that the Trump presidency will end swiftly once Mueller completes his investigation. He speaks of John Harwood’s prediction that when Mueller closes in on members of the Trump family, Trump will resign. Watch the video.
Since 2006, John Harwood has been a political reporter covering Washington politics for CNBC. As a matter of fact, Harwood co-moderated the third GOP presidential debate. Unlike most other moderators who were intimidated by Trump, Harwood asked him if he was running a comic book campaign.
While Olbermann’s video might leave us giddy with hope, according to a recent NPR article, we could be in for a disappointment if Mueller fails to shake-up the Trump administration.
The basis of NPR’s premise is twofold:

  1. The 73-year-old Mueller must submit his report to the Attorney General. Since AG Sessions has recused himself from the Russian investigation, his findings would be handed over to Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein. When Rosenstein appointed Mueller, he specified he wanted the investigation limited in scope and would not permit a “fishing expedition”.
  2. Grand juries have been appointed in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC. Seldom are the findings of a grand jury made public.


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