GOPer: Kill the Investigation

Indivisible RI, Ron DeSantis, Trump Russia Investigation

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, DeSantisMeet Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.). He seeks to limit the scope of Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation. He is also hell-bent on ending the investigation by starving it of funds which it sorely needs to continue until its completion.
According to Politico, “DeSantis has put forward a provision that would halt funding for Mueller’s probe six months after the amendment’s passage. It also would prohibit Mueller from investigating matters that occurred before June 2015, when Trump launched his presidential campaign.”
DeSantis’ “Kill the Investigation” rider was one of hundreds of amendments submitted to be included in the omnibus spending bill.  Whether it will make it to the House floor is doubtful based upon the growing congressional antipathy toward Trump over his white supremacist Charlottesville statements and the recent pardon of racist former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
But even if it does pass the House, the likelihood of passing the Senate is questionable whether it will be enacted if GOP Senators Murkowski, McCain and Flake join with their Democratic colleagues to seek the truth relative to Trump’s Russia ties by having the investigation proceed.
It is anticipated that both Rep. Jim Langevin and Rep. David Cicilline will vigorously oppose DeSantis’ “Kill the Investigation” amendment.

As you might recall, Rep. DeSantis announced that he was running for Sen. Marco Rubio’s seat after Rubio announced he was not going to run for reelection in 2016. After Rubio reversed his decision and decided to run, DeSantis dropped his senatorial bid.
Rep. DeSantis has yet to file his 2018 reelection papers. It is rumored he has a twinkle in his eye for the Florida governorship.

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