Will he kick it?

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Indivisible RI, Trump DACATrump, the self-proclaimed “I love everybody”, has decided – according to Politico, Huffington Post and The Washington Post – to commit a despicable act of demolishing Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to satisfy his immigrant-hating base. This ex-reality-TV-performer of a president will increase the drama by proposing to not enforce the deportation by 6 months, thereby providing him with an exit ramp should he decide to reverse his decision. Obviously, this stay-tuned after the next commercial break method of governing America is insane to us and disastrous to DACA dreamers’ futures.
Perhaps the spineless GOP-led Congress will finally set him straight: these are people’s lives we’re dealing with, not an audience of racists you hope will remain with you after a commercial break.
Two bills have been introduced to protect DACA, one in the Senate (S. 1615) and the other in the House (H.R. 3591).  Thankfully, both Representatives Langevin and Cicilline have signed on as cosponsors of the House Bill. On the Senate side, Senator Jack Reed has signed on as a cosponsor of the Dream Act of 2017. Although Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse supports S. 1615, he has not signed on to cosponsor the bill.
Today’s Call: Sen Sheldon Whitehouse
Topic: Cosponsor S. 1615
Please call Sen. Whitehouse’s office and ask him to join Sen. Reed in cosponsoring the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 (S. 1615).
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: (401) 453-5294 or (202) 224-2921
For more DACA info, go here.

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