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Nancy knows how to push the envelope. (And the President’s buttons.)

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, NAncy Pelosi, Donald TrumpOn Wednesday, Trump cut a deal with the Democrats to raise the debt-ceiling limit for only a three-month time period. This incensed GOP lawmakers as they sought an eighteen-month time period which would smoothly carry them through the 2018 midterms. The GOPers realized that they are facing a potential political grenade if they force a government showdown in December by not, once again, raising the debt-ceiling.
But that was on Wednesday.
Yesterday, according to CNN: “Pelosi told House Democrats at a closed-door she spoke to Trump via phone Thursday morning and urged him to reassure those protected in the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, two sources said. Trump initiated the phone call to Pelosi, they said. She ‘asked him to tweet this to make clear Dreamers won’t be subject to deportation in 6-month window,’ according to one of the sources. She did not provide specific wording, just a general idea.”
Minutes after her phone call to Trump, he tweeted.
Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump DACA TweetWhile this does little to calm the destabilization, he caused on Tuesday by giving those covered by DACA a six-month window to get ready for deportation, it does light a keg of dynamite under the butts of our legislators to pass legislation to protect our Dreamers permanently.
From Indivisible National: “There’s a lot happening in Congress right now, but Indivisible’s top priority is getting Congress to address two national emergencies simultaneously: Harvey and threats to DACA. More so than previous legislative fights, time is of the essence here. Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to delay the passage of a DREAM Act in the hope that it’ll get swept under the rug.”
Our Senators are clear in getting DACA legislation passed.
According to a spokesperson for Sen. Reed: “Senator Reed has called for a clean DREAM Act to be put on the floor for a og:image Indivisible RI Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reedvote immediately.  If McConnell and Ryan offer a DREAM Act that fails to adequately protect Dreamers, does not offer a real pathway to citizenship, or contains toxic and irresponsible riders like funding for an ineffective, wasteful border wall, Senator Reed will work with Democratic leadership to find other appropriate legislative vehicles for passing the DREAM Act. Dreamers are bright, hardworking kids and the President has no moral or economic reason to deport them now.  The President’s policy could split up families, hurt our economy, and send children who’ve been living and studying here away to countries they have never known.”

Senator Whitehouse was more specific (and feistier) as he spoke from the Senate floor in support of DACA kids. See his statement approximately 4-minutes into the below video where he urges DACA legislation be added to must pass legislation.
Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Sen. Whitehouse DACA


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