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Indivisible RI Rhode Island, BernieCare, TrumpCareIn 2013, when Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) introduced a single-payer (Universal Health Insurance) plan, he stood alone. Yesterday, a third of the Senate Dems and 60% of the House Dems stood by him to support the plan.
Universal health care coverage is a way for a country to provide its citizens with health care and financial protection in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury. Over 30 countries provide health insurance for all.
Of course, GOP naysayers are against “BernieCare”. Let’s get them to publicly come out against the plan and use their own statements against them with their constituents when their reelections roll around. Heck, those 217 House GOPers and 49 GOP Senators who supported TrumpCare will have to defend their votes for Trump’s plan to take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, decrease or eliminate women’s coverages and impose an “age tax” pricing plan harming those over 50 years of age. As they scoff at Bernie’s plan, let them justify this with their voters.
According to CNN, Bernie jabbed his GOP colleagues: “To my Republican colleagues, please don’t lecture us on health care,” Sanders roared to applause from the dozens of activists in the room. “In the last few months, you, the Republican Party have shown the American people what you stand for” by largely voting to dismantle Obamacare.
While some in the media and practically all GOPers are screaming about BernieCare’s cost, they fail to mention the details of how his plan would be funded which he clearly laid out during his presidential campaign: a 2.2% income tax on all Americans, 6.2% levy on employers and a tax hike on the wealthy.
Here’s is a simple example. Forbes states that the average healthcare cost for a family of four to be $25,486. Under BernieCare, if that family had a household income of $100,000, their annual cost would plummet to $2,200.
How is this possible?
Private insurers are cut out of this “Medicare for All” health insurance system.  The highly popular current Medicare administrative cost is at 2% according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, while private insurers charge a minimum of 17% (with some as high as 25%) to administer lesser plans with deductibles, coverage denials and copays.
Rep. Cicilline was the first of our RI congressional delegation to jump on board to cosponsor “Medicare for All” in the House last March.  Earlier this week, Senator Whitehouse lined up behind Bernie to cosponsor the Medicare for All Act. And, last night, Rep. Langevin issued a statement stating that he would also be cosponsoring the House version of BernieCare.
According to, Sen. Reed is considering it.
Today’s Call: Senator Reed
Topic: Request that Senator Reed join Sen. Whitehouse and cosponsor Bernie’s “Medicare for All Act”.
Sen. Jack Reed: (401) 943-3100 or (202) 224-4642

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