We’re being fleeced.

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Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump Tax Scam Plan, GOP Scheme Pic 1Let’s face it. You’re sick of reading about the impending Trump Tax Scam. And I’m sick of writing about it.
But, the reality is, unless we fight with everything we got during these final weeks that this GOP concocted scheme is alive, this wealth giveaway to the rich and corporations will bleed us of what we work/have worked so hard for.
At first, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) floated the fallacy that no middle-class taxpayers would see their taxes rise.  Yet on Friday, McConnell conceded that income taxes “might” go up for middle-class workers. He claims he misspoke when he made the first statement.
While you can Google the overall impact of Trump’s Tax Scam on what it will mean to you, I suggest you read this Brookings article.  Particular attention should be given to the elimination of the state and local tax deductions (leading to our being DOUBLE TAXED) and the “sleeper provisions” contained in the bill such as one dealing with anti-abortion, another getting rid of the senior deduction, not to mention the abolishing of the student interest deduction and our forefathers would have gotten a kick out of the one allowing pulpit politics…so much for the separation of church and state. (Don’t fret rich moms and dads, as was mentioned on the Bill Maher show on Friday night, an exception will be made for you which will allow you to deduct interest payments if your Little Thurston goes to a swanky, private boarding school.)
Want to see how Trump and his American “oligarch” friends and GOP donors will enrich themselves? Go here.
During a CNBC interview, Gary Cohn, Trump’s head of our National Economic Council, spilled the beans about their scam and who are thrilled with being on the receiving end of the trillions of  dollars in corporate tax cuts: “The most excited group out there are big CEOs about our tax plan,” said Cohn, who was COO of Goldman Sachs before joining the White House.
A Senator who voices opposition to the Trump Tax Scam is making a great political gesture. However, given the GOP controlled Congress, that’s all it is, a gesture.
Our Senators were committed to do what it took to stop Zombie TrumpCare whenever it reared its beastly head. They must commit to deploy the same tactics such as withholding consent and filibustering to defeat this GOP taxation without bipartisan representation bill. Otherwise, our financial futures, and the financial futures of our children and grandchildren, will be sacrificed upon the altar of the uber-rich.  This is being done in order to provide shameful tax cuts to top income earners and corporations while starving our federal budget of funds and curtailing exemptions from seniors and the middle class.
Today’s Calls: Senators Reed and Whitehouse
Topic: Stall the Trump Tax Scam

Please call Sens. Reed and Whitehouse’s offices and leave a message for the Senator to use stall tactics such as withholding consent or filibustering in opposition to the Trump and GOP Tax Scam bill.
Sen. Jack Reed: (401) 943-3100 or (202) 224-4642
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: (401) 453-5294 or (202) 224-2921

Who do you know in other states?
Please call them and urge them to call their Senators to oppose Trump and GOP Tax Scam.
If they have Democratic Senator, here’s a link to sample call scripts.
If they have Republican Senator, here’s a link to sample call scripts.

Thanks for making your calls, have a great day!

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