We may be down but we’re not out.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump GOP Tax Scam, Lawrence O'Donnell Image

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump GOP Tax Scam, Lawrence O'DonnellIt looks pretty bleak right now and you probably feel as though the Trump Tax Scam is a done deal. It isn’t.
The bill is now in the reconciliation process where they take the bill passed in the wee hours of Saturday morning in the Senate with the one previously passed in the House and seek to reconcile the two into one. After that, the bill will return to the House for another vote before proceeding to the Senate for its final passage.
In the House, you have GOP Representatives from districts where their constituents will experience significant tax increases: for example, those districts located in “blue states”  such as California (14), New York (9) and New Jersey (5). These states represent 28 GOP Representatives who know they will be committing political suicide if they vote for this GOP/Trump Tax Scam.
Since there are 435 members of the House, to pass the bill will require 218 votes. The Dems have 194 votes. It will require 24 GOP Reps to jump ship and vote with the Dems and potentially save their careers from being destroyed.
What you can do.  Contact everyone you know (in real life or on social media) in states with a Republican representative and urge them to call, visit and email their GOP Rep to vote NO on this tax reform.
@IndivisibleRI has already started tweeting with GOP Representatives tagged in the image so they will get a copy of our message. By your retweeting our message, they will be notified of another retweet each time it is retweeted. They won’t have a clue whether the person who retweeted is one of their constituents or not. Be assured, each retweet will surely stress them out perhaps get them to switch from a yes to a no vote.

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