These 5 RI DINO Lawmakers Want To Control Women’s Bodies

The RI forced birthers are starting off the year with another anti-abortion bill!

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, EI Lawmakers Anti-AbortionBill ImageWomen need to be able to protect their lives. The men (and it is ALL men) sponsoring this bill would like to force birth on all pregnant women with no concern for the risks to a pregnant woman’s life. Tell them NO on this bill!

While the bill allows for abortion in a “medical emergency” to avert the death of the woman, the sponsors of the bill have no medical understanding that women will be at the brink of death before physicians will perform this type of therapeutic abortion because of the risk of legal consequences, and there is absolutely no doubt that women will die as a result.

The bill also does not allow for instances where carrying a pregnancy will only result in the death of a child immediately after birth due to congenital abnormalities. This bill requires that pregnant women risk their lives to carry these pregnancies.

With the ongoing attack on women’s reproductive rights, the U.S now has the worst maternal mortality rate in the developed world. Maternal mortality includes deaths reported on the death certificate related to or aggravated by pregnancy occurring during or within 42 days after the end of the pregnancy. Maternal mortality takes the lives of 1,200 women each year in the US and another 60,000 suffer significant illness or complications of pregnancy/delivery .

Maternal mortality does not include external causes such as injury, homicide, or suicide. However, this bill specifically states “no condition shall be deemed a medical emergency if based on a claim that the woman will engage in conduct which would result in her death…” Sadly, 5% of deaths during pregnancy are the result of suicide, and 20% of women who die during pregnancy are murdered due to intimate partner violence.

Time to call the 5 co-sponsors of the bill–all DEMS–and let them know we oppose it!

Please share this with friends and family and ask them to make calls.

Here is a link to the bill.…/…/HouseText18/H7026.pdf

Rep. Costantino 426-0284 (Lincoln)
Rep. O’Brien 440-4063 (North Providence)
Rep. Corvese 353-8695 (North Providence)
Rep. Azzinaro 596-1434 (Westerly)
Rep. Ucci 934-2121 (Johnston/Cranston)


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