Is the Trump presidency better or worse than you anticipated?

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ROB T.: Much worse, his disdain for the office and his despicable behavior have disparaged the office of the President for years to come.

STEVEN B.: Far worse. He has gone back on just about every campaign promise made to those supporters who felt like they had been left behind, and rightfully so.

ALMA G.: Far worse than I feared–and I already feared much.  I knew he was erratic and unpredictable, but I did not imagine he would prove either mad or senile (or both).  Every week, I say (in response to a new outrageous statement or action by Trump) that he has hit a new low and can’t possibly sink further; and the next week, he always shocks me with yet another new low.  (This week’s terrifying Tweets about Korea are just the latest example.). Early in the election season, I’d warned some relatives who were initially rather charmed by Trump that (as a former New Yorker) I was aware of what a scoundrel he was (with a known history of unethical business dealings), and they were initially skeptical of my warnings.  Now, they all acknowledge that my early warnings were far less drastic than they should have been

KAMILA B: Much, much worse than I had feared.  Reasons: His terrible cabinet appointments, meant to tear down the protective work of the government in every aspect; his constant lying; the humiliating embarrassment of having him represent the United States among the world’s nations; his promising to take care of the lower/moderate/middle classes and elders, only to try to tear down health care coverage for so many Americans and to champion a tax bill that favors the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else and the future generations through the huge increase in the deficit; his unpatriotic behavior in putting his belief in what Putin says above what the FBI and CIA have reported.  I could go on and on, but I’ve already depressed myself enough giving this response.

SHAWNA R.: Worse in that he not only promoting many of his own racist, misinformed policies but is additionally working to dismantle much of the progress, across multiple agencies and issues, made by prior administrations.

RACHEL J.: I was concerned that Trump’s policies would reflect his vulgar, divisive rhetoric and delusional campaign promises. However, I had sincerely hoped the magnitude of the office of the presidency of the United States would temper his reality TV persona. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and he is not capable of governing.

ANDY A.:  Years ago, as the top overnight tour producer to Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, I knew firsthand how unscrupulously the Trump Organization conducted business. As the adage goes, “when the fish stinks, it stinks from the top”. Ever since Trump announced his run for the presidency, I expected nothing more than a deceitful, nasty, self-serving, nightmarish and untrustworthy campaign and presidency. Needles to say, he has met or vastly exceeded my worst nightmare.

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