Ocean State vs. Oil Slick State

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump Drilling Oil, Deepwater Horizon

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump, Oil Drilling, Deepwater HorizonTrump’s massive expansion of oil drilling off the east and west coasts is being met with opposition from affected states’ US Representatives and Senators as well as Governors and Attorneys General. They have a unified message: don’t even think about drilling for oil and gas off their shores.
Officially, the only coastal state exempted from Trump’s plan is Florida. Does the fact that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort which is located in Palm Beach, Florida have a bearing on the exemption? One wouldn’t want any oil slick in Mar-a-Lago’s backyard, would one?
An oil spill along our New England coast resulting from a horrific out-of-control oil well explosion as befell the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico would ravage our coastline’s natural beauty, destroy wildlife and sea life, and cause catastrophic economic hardship to tourist-dependent coastal businesses.
It is almost eight years after Deepwater and some areas are yet to recover.
Our RI Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin issued the following statement regarding the announcement by the Trump Administration’s offshore drilling expansion:
“This decision by the Administration is clearly driven by the oil and gas industry and it has the very real potential to significantly damage our coastline and negatively impact our coastal resources. Rhode Island, the Eastern seaboard, and all coastal communities benefit greatly from the preservation and protection of our natural resources, and allowing drilling for oil and gas will be detrimental to our economy and our quality of life. Moreover, Rhode Island has proven that offshore wind energy, which has far less environmental impact over drilling for gas and oil, is viable and should be explored and supported above extracting vital resources from our ocean floors. As Attorney General and the state’s environmental advocate, I will continue to fight this latest move by the Trump Administration to give the oil and gas industry carte blanche to destroy our environment.”

Roy Streit, IndivisibleRI’s Legislative Liaison, applauded our AG’s  statement on our behalf but sent a follow-up email to our AG’s spokesperson:
Attorneys General in several states are planning to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration to block expansion.

  1. Has AG Kilmartin decided whether or not to join such a lawsuit?
  2. Would AG Kilmartin support a RI state law that would ban the construction of RI on-shore oil terminals, pipelines and other oil equipment without a public state-wide vote?

We will report our AG’s response to you as soon as it is received.


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