Each member of our Indivisible Rhode Island is encouraged to “Reach Out” to family and friends in other states to encourage them to become involved with the Indivisible movement. They can help us stop the Trump agenda by joining their local Indivisible group.

It’s a simple process:

  1. Call out-of-state friends and relatives. Briefly chat about the devastating Trump agenda.
  2. Ask them to download the Indivisible Guide, if they haven’t done so already.
  3. Tell them they can find a local group following the Indivisible Guide by going to the website IndivisibleGuide.com. Then click on the upper middle tab “Locate Groups”. From that Groups drop down menu, select “Find A Group”.
  4. Once they enter their zip code and click Search, a map appears with pins indicating all local groups available for them to join. Below the map will have the group’s information. The closest group to the zip code entered will appear first.Ondivisible Rhode Island RI Search Map

If your friend or relative is not as computer savvy as you are, you could follow the above steps for them and provide them with the group’s contact information.

Like we always say, it doesn’t matter who you know…it matters who THEY know. And, they may know a lot of motivated people who will eagerly join with them to stop the Trump agenda from steamrolling across America.

For each new member you’ve Reached Out to that has joined a local group, “Thank you.” For each new member you’ve Reached Out to in a red state that has joined a local group, “Thank you. Thank you”.”

Join the conversation.