Can you chip in a few bucks?

Since IndivisibleRI’s founding a year ago, all of our operating expenses have been paid by a few of us. A hundred dollars here, two hundred dollars there…it adds up.
Like you, our leadership team from our Executive Director to our Area Directors receive no compensation. (However, we do check the mail daily hoping to see a check from George Soros.)
We have joined Indivisible National’s fundraising program whereby we receive $0.81 from each $1 donated to us. They handle the nonprofit paperwork and file the necessary IRS reports. They receive the other $.19 from each $1 collected which helps with their national operating expenses and services they provide to each group nationwide. (All donations processed by ActBlue.)
The money we collect will defray the costs of:

  • meeting room rental (when needed)
  • our email services
  • our website expenses
  • our special event related spending such as sound system rentals
  • banner production
  • social media advertising to attract new members

We will upload our monthly spending report which we submit to Indivisible National to our for your review.

The few bucks that you can kick in either one-time or on a monthly basis may seem insignificant to you, but it will make a major difference to us in fighting the Trump agenda…especially during this 2018 election cycle.
Thank you.

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