Indivisile RI Rhode Island, NoPresident Is Above The LawAs the investigation gets close to the White House and to Trump, we see his allies in Congress and in the media attempting to shut down the investigation by any means possible. We the People still have the right to have our voices heard.
“No President is Above the Law” rallies will take place in cities across the country. They are being held symbolically during President’s Week.  Plan to attend our RI rally and send a concise and resounding message: “No President Is Above the Law”.
RI Rep. Aaron Regunberg
Shanna Wells (RI Women’s March Organizer)
John Marion (Common Cause)
Katherine “Kit” Kerwin (RI Coalition Against Gun Violence)
Rodrigo Pimental (DACA / DREAMer)
Kathleen Costa (The Woman Project)
Philip Graham (IndivisibleRI)
Rev. Dr. Don Anderson (RI State Council of Churches)
Event Host: Kamila Barzykowski
Entertainment by singer/composer: Steven Belaus
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Indivisible RI Rhode Island, No President Is Above theLaw Rally, Providence, Febru


Mueller Firing Rapid Response

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, No One Is Above Law
Get ready for some fast Trump maneuvers to quash the Russia investigation which is getting closer to revealing information about collusion, financial ties and familial-deal making between the Trump Campaign/Organization, associates and family members to Russia and Russian banks/oligarchs.

One plausible theory of how he will get rid of both Special Investigator Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation will be during the congressional recess which will begin on August 1st. He has already started laying his nefarious foundation:

  1. Discredit/demonize the recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
  2. While the Senate is on recess, fire Sessions if he hasn’t already resigned.
  3. Appoint an Acting Attorney General who would neither require Senate scrutiny nor approval since it is a presidential recess-appointment.
  4. This Acting Attorney General would not be bound by the “Sessions recusal” and would then fire Mueller and stop the investigation.

Senate Dems are preparing their own plan to thwart this Trump gambit. While we don’t know what it is, we assume it will be something along the lines of starting a month-long pro forma skeletal session during August.

Groups, like ours, across the country are gearing up to rapidly respond by taking to the streets to protest if/when Mueller is fired. Information is available here.

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