Kill The “Trump Tax Scam” Rally
Saturday, November 25, 11AM
RI State House, 82 Smith Street, Providence

Indivisible RI RhodeIsland, Trump Tax Scam RallyThe GOP is not wasting any time to ram this horrific tax bill through the Senate. We can slow it down  and stop it as groups are holding rallies, protests and sit-ins across the country.

Could you join us for a couple of hours on Saturday?

We need to show Congress that there is broad resistance to Trump’s agenda.
THIS TAX SCAM/HEALTHCARE THREAT IS AN ASSAULT! DO NOT GIVE UP NOW…PERSIST! The scam Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump Tax Scam Pic 2would further enrich the rich, big corporations and GOP donors as it starves our social safety net (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security) with austerity. Then it destroys the ACA by repealing the individual mandate.
Time is of the essence– the GOP Senate wants to pass this bill in the next few weeks!
Please join us at this Kill “The Trump Tax Scam” Rally on Saturday. Visit our Facebook page as we add rally speakers and the names of our rally partners.

Our Speakers:

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Andy Acciaioli AcciAndy Acciaioli, IndivisibleRI/Founder and Executive Director. Andy has spent his entire career operating small businesses. Prior to January 4th when he founded IndivisibleRI, the closest encounter with activism was being on a college elevator when it was hijacked  by two student demonstrators. The Trump election was the catalyst to his newfound involvement in resisting the Trump agenda.
Andy’s Topic: If I hear taxes one more time, I’m gonna scream.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Kill The Trump Tax Scam Rally, Providence, Aaron RegunbergAaron Regunberg is a state representative for RI House District 4. He is also running for Lieutenant Governor to be the people’s advocate – a voice for everyone who doesn’t have a lobbyist at the State House. As a legislator and organizer, Aaron has brought people together to solve real problems. He has championed healthcare for all, clean energy, a woman’s right to choose, and public education, and has stood up to Trump’s agenda.
Aaron’s Topic: How the absurd and immoral Trump/GOP Tax Plan will impact RIers. We will need progressive revenue to fill the cuts that might come out of DC.

Indivisible RI, Rhode Island, Trump Tax Scam, SarahSarah Markey, The Woman Project Co-Founder. Sarah is a labor and community organizer who co-founded The Woman Project.  The Woman Project is a collective of activists currently advocating for the Reproductive Healthcare Act to pass in RI to protect women’s access to healthcare and safe abortions. Sarah has worked all over the country on issues ranging from living wage campaigns and economic justice to helping workers organize a union. In addition to her work with labor and The Woman Project, she also coordinates South Kingstown Community Voice in Education and helps run The Collective, a small info shop and bookstore in Peace Dale.
Sarah’s Topic: How Trump and the GOP is using the their tax bill to promote their anti-women agenda.

Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Kill The Trump Tax Scam Rally, Providence, Shawna RihanShawna Rihani, IndivisibleRI/Assistant Executive Director. The election of Donald Trump was a pivotal moment in my life that revealed the danger of complacency and the need for every person to advocate for their beliefs.  At Indivisible, I work to help as many Rhode Islanders as possible realize their unique role and responsibility in driving political discourse and the power in every person’s voice.
Shawna’s Topic: The Double Taxation of the Trump Tax Scam

Indivisible RI, Rhode Island, Trump Tax Scam, Roy StreitRoy Streit, IndivisibleRI’s Legislative Liaison, will talk about how Trump’s Tax Scam is a deceitful bill that is destructive to education – it eliminates a tax credit for K-12 educators and teachers;  it makes post-secondary education significantly more expensive by counting tuition waivers as taxable income;  and it creates a brand new tax break for private K-12 school tuition which inevitably will result in increased property taxes to pay for public education.


Rally Sponsors:
Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Trump Anti- Tax Rally Pic 2

Mueller Firing Rapid Response
Get ready for some fast Trump maneuvers to quash the Russia investigation which is getting closer to revealing information about collusion, financial ties and familial-deal making between the Trump Campaign/Organization, associates and family members to Russia and Russian banks/oligarchs.

One plausible theory of how he will get rid of both Special Investigator Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation will be during the congressional recess which will begin on August 1st. He has already started laying his nefarious foundation:

  1. Discredit/demonize the recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
  2. While the Senate is on recess, fire Sessions if he hasn’t already resigned.
  3. Appoint an Acting Attorney General who would neither require Senate scrutiny nor approval since it is a presidential recess-appointment.
  4. This Acting Attorney General would not be bound by the “Sessions recusal” and would then fire Mueller and stop the investigation.

Senate Dems are preparing their own plan to thwart this Trump gambit. While we don’t know what it is, we assume it will be something along the lines of starting a month-long pro forma skeletal session during August.

Groups, like ours, across the country are gearing up to rapidly respond by taking to the streets to protest if/when Mueller is fired. Information is available here.