Indivisible RI Rhode Island, Kill The Bill Day

Indivisible’s National Team has never done this before, but given the stakes it makes sense to do it now. For months, Indivisible groups have been showing up at congressional offices around the country to say no to TrumpCare. On Tuesday July 18th, our whole national network will be showing up together to say that TrumpCare would hurt our friends, our families and our country–and we’re not letting that happen without a fight.
Yes, this is another critical moment. We know we’ve been fighting this fight for a long time. We wouldn’t be ringing the alarm bells now if we didn’t think this was a critical moment. McConnell wants a vote next week. We’ve beaten him before when he wanted a vote, but it took massive, coordinated local pressure. That’s what we want to help you orchestrate again.

Both Senators Reed and Whitehouse are working to defeat TrumpCare. It’s important that you show up at Tuesday’s “Kill The Bill” office visits to thank them for having our backs.
Tuesday, July 18, Office Visits:
10:30AM Senator Jack Reed’s Office
1000 Chapel View Boulevard, Suite 290, Cranston (We’ll meet in front of Sen. Reed’s office, 2nd floor.)  Details
12 (Noon) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s Office
170 Westminster St #1100, Providence  Details