Visualize where you were on Election night 2016. Think of when the polls closed around 8PM on the east coast. At what point did you start to get that sinking feeling that Hillary was losing. And, worse, that Trump was winning.

We were at my cousin’s house, sitting in her television room of her quaint and lovely home located right on one of Rhode Island’s many harbors. Outside was the tranquility of the night; with an occasional noiseless ripple-sized wave barely kissing the breakfront of her water frontage.

After hearing that Pennsylvania (a Hillary given) was a toss-up and Florida (a Hillary assumed due to its substantial Hispanic and African-American demographics) teetering in the Trump column, I became nauseous.

I knew it was time to go home when Virginia, home to Hillary’s running mate, Time Kaine, was too close to call.

We silently drove home. Without verbalizing the inevitable, we both knew: Hillary lost.

The next morning, November 9th, it was confirmed that Trump would be our next president.

For days, actually weeks, after the election, I was still dazed by the outcome. At one point, I – probably like you – thought this was a dream albeit a nightmarish one.

But it was, and is, all too real.

His candidacy for the highest office in America, the most powerful country in the world, was marred with scandal, lies, schoolyard bullying, business schemes and tactics that would make Niccolò Machiavelli look like St. Nick.

He debased the art of debating his primary opponents by branding them with disparaging names like “low-energy Jeb, little Mario, lyin’ Ted”. Trump has the reputation of being the king of branding, this is why the names stuck and this is how he sunk the ambitions of his opponents’ quest for the Oval Office.

He debased Mexicans referring to them as rapists. And, let’s not forget what he did to Hispanic Judge Gonzalo Curiel who was presiding over a case involving Trump defrauding unsuspecting enrollees of his defunct Trump University.

He debased women: all women, all sizes. From Rosie O’Donnell to Megyn “blood coming out of her whatever” Kelly to the women he groped or forcibly kissed. Can anyone ever forget his crowing about how he grab any woman’s pussy because his wealth permits him to do this.

He debased the memory of Army Capt. Humayun Khan by not only ridiculing the heroic, fallen soldier’s mom for not speaking as though she was only window-dressing but by also bragging while debating Hillary that Humayun Khan would be alive today if he was president at the time of his death.

He debased the entire Muslim population not only in this country but worldwide.

He debased the LGBT community by opposing marriage equality in order to secure the religious right’s vote.

He debased the media at his rallies, whipping his supporters into an anti-media frenzy, some using the Nazi term “Lügenpresse” which means lying press. Reporters would oftentimes have to be led out of the rallies by security due to the furor he stoked against them.

While I could go on, what completely turned me against Trump was when I saw the video of him performing in front of his rally by mocking Serge Kovaleski, the disabled New York Times reporter. For me, this incident revealed a coreless, heartless, soulless man.

I know a number of Trump supporters who were among the 62,955,363 citizens who voted for him. However, there were over 71 million who did not vote for him with 65,788,583 of these voters having voted for Hillary.

I love America and will respect the office of the presidency. Unfortunately, I cannot respect an officeholder who will sit in the Oval Office and not only corrupt our own government but its worldwide standing. He has surrounded himself with oligarchs lacking government experience not unlike those oligarchs surrounding his BFF, Vlad, who oversaw the electioneering to secure the presidency for the president-select.

Prior to November 8th, being a political junkie, I would tune into anything political on television. Post-election, I would get my news online from what I call “safe” sites: those not propagandizing and normalizing the Trump agenda.

I have stuck my toe back into the television water restricting my viewing to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. Oh, yeah, plus Joy Reid.

Wednesday night, January 4th, while on my computer, I also tuned into the Rachel show. She was interviewing Ezra Levin about this new anti-Trump movement called Indivisible. Because I was half-listening, I first thought he said “Invisible”. Invisible? What’s he talking about Invisible?

It got my attention, I raised the volume and also felt my desire to fight the Trump agenda rise up within me. A side effect of becoming more and more emboldened as the interview continued was that my post-election doom ’n gloom of being completely powerless had left me. I now had hope, it’s Indivisible.

The brilliant Broadway musical Hamilton has many memorable lines. The most enduring one for me: “History has its eyes on you”.

After watch Ezra’s interview, I knew I had to do something because not only has its eyes on our top political leaders but it also has its eyes on me.

But you know what? History also has its eyes on you.



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