We’re being fleeced.

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Let’s face it. You’re sick of reading about the impending Trump Tax Scam. And I’m sick of writing about it. But, the reality is, unless we fight with everything we got during these final weeks that this GOP concocted scheme is alive, this wealth giveaway to the rich and corporations…

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4PM Update: See Below. Dogs for Wounded Warriors Program Shut Down, Leaving Vets High and Dry on Veteran’s Day! According to Newsweek: A program that prepares service dogs for wounded veterans was abruptly kicked out of its offices in two military campuses near Washington D.C. without warning in late October….

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Lipstick on a pig.

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As John Harvey points out in his Forbes article, “The Disastrous Trump Tax Plan”, in order for a tax reform to truly stimulate the economy, it must fulfill two things: The tax cuts must not be offset by spending cuts (or tax increases elsewhere). The tax cuts must increase the…

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No bill. No money.

Time is ticking for the House and Senate to move on deportation relief for DREAMers by the end of the year. Indivisible groups nationwide are supporting our friends at United We Dream to put pressure on members of Congress and demand a clean DREAM Act by the end of the…

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A Message from Elizabeth and Bernie

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Yesterday, the stealth Trump Tax Scam surfaced and was even worse than Bernie’s September description of it being “morally repugnant”. To put it simply: big corporations and the richest top 1% will reap trillions of dollars in tax cuts while the rest of us foot the bill with severe cuts…

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The Kings of DC

From Indivisible National: Last week, Republicans completed Phase 1 of their #TrumpTaxScam. Both chambers have now passed budget resolutions needed to unlock the reconciliation process (the same process they tried to use to ram zombie healthcare through, read about it here), allowing them to pass this dumpster fire of a…

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We did it before. We’ll do it again.

Republicans have completed Phase 1 of their #TrumpTaxScam. Now the fight is on. Last Thursday, 216 House Republicans voted to pass the budget resolution, a critical first step in passing the Trump Tax Scam. That means the stage is set for Republicans to cut taxes for the rich and corporations…

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RI Democratic Party, Fire Joseph DeLorenzo

Providence Journal, October 15, 2017, Article by Katherine Gregg Joseph DeLorenzo, 2nd Vice Chairman of the RI Democratic Party: “I really like Josh Miller. But the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left, right now, it is frightening.” “I see what’s going on in the country. … I…

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